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Canary Cold Brew


We’re reimagining the cold brew experience from the ground up. That means the highest quality coffee delivered straight to your door, on your terms.

What We're Making

The Warby Parker of Cold Brew

We’re launching the world’s first direct-to-consumer cold brew brand. This means using the key components of a great e-commerce experience – personalized subscriptions, risk-free trials, free shipping, and amazing customer service – to bring shopping for cold brew into the 21st century. It also means giving our customers as much flexibility as possible. “Subscribe and save” often means committing to a bulk order every month. Sometimes you end up with too much and sometimes you run out before your next shipment. With Canary, you get cold brew on your terms:

  • Sign up to receive cold brew during certain months of the year, or only when the temperature hits 70° where you live.
  • Mix and match blends in your box (you’ve got your go-to for mornings, but you’d like to try our Afternoon Blend with less caffeine, too — no problem!)
  • Easily change the quantity or timing of your next shipment to get back on track if you’ve had more or less than expected.
  • Participate in our product development. We produce our coffee in small batches so that we learn from our customers and constantly improve.

About Us: T-shirts, Books, and Coffee

We first came to Kickstarter 5 years ago to launch Litographs — t-shirts and posters inspired by literary classics. We returned to Kickstarter in 2014 to create the world's longest tattoo chain, printing Alice's Adventures in Wonderland across 5,000 temporary tattoos. Finally, we let our fans print their own work on t-shirts and scarves in our most recent Kickstarter. All in all, the Kickstarter community has backed us for over $280,000!

As you might imagine, pressing thousands of custom shirts requires a fair amount of caffeine. We started Canary Cold Brew to solve a personal problem — cutting down on time and resources our small company wasted shuttling back and forth to the nearest cafe. We took a step back and decided to imagine the perfect cold brew experience from the ground up. It would be a beautiful, effortless online experience where you could order high quality cold brew directly to your door, on your own schedule.

Market Landscape

According to the National Coffee Association, 64% of consumers in the U.S. drink coffee every day. That's no surprise — coffee has been a huge part of the American culture for the last century. Just a few decades ago, drinking coffee meant making a cup of Folgers in the morning. Today, more than half (59%) of coffee cups consumed daily are now classified as gourmet (such as a cappuccino, latte, or cold brew).

With this change in taste has come a change in habit. Specialty coffee beverages are more difficult to prepare at home, so we find ourselves waiting on lines in coffee shops every morning. For those of us who drink cold brew, we've lost the calm of our morning coffee ritual to the chaos of a rush hour Starbucks.

A recent Mintel survey found that only 7% of coffee drinkers have made cold brew at home. This is in contrast to 78% of coffee drinkers who make coffee at home generally. Cold brew is particularly time-consuming to prepare – the process requires steeping coffee at room temperature over a long period of time, in order to avoid extracting fats and acids that can make coffee taste bitter.

Cold brew has become a staple for coffee drinkers. Retail sales have grown 460% between 2015 and 2017, and it is now a popular choice not only at fancy coffee shops but at Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. Canary is making it possible to enjoy it in the comfort of your own home, shipped to your door.

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