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Canary Cold Brew Give A Friend A Cold Brew

Not ready for a whole case? No problem! We'll ship you one can of either our Original Blend or Afternoon Blend. Original Blend is our flagship, chocolatey, single origin cold brew using beans from the mountains of southern Mexico. Afternoon Blend has similar notes but with less caffeine, so you can enjoy your cold brew without the extra jitters!

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Specialty Beans

Specialty beans are the foundation of great cold brew. We tested organic, fair trade beans from all over the world to find the perfect taste for our small batches.

Purest Flavor Extraction

Our state-of-the-art brewing process extracts the purest flavors from each bean, combining subtle fruitiness with bold chocolate notes.


Nanofiltration removes bitterness, leaving a silky body and satisfying finish. Just wait til you try it!